19 February 2015, Comments Comments Off on Cockroaches

Just to say that word makes one shudder. Cockroaches multiply like crazy and quickly infest whole buildings traveling along networks of pipes from place to place. At Select Pest Control, we specialize in preventing cockroach infestations and treatments in Gainesville, Flowery Branch, Buford, and all of North Georgia.

There are several varieties of cockroaches that pose a threat to your home as they carry diseases, are responsible for food poisoning and can cause allergies.

The most common types of cockroaches are:

german cockroach pictureGerman Cockroach

  • Adults are 1/2 inch long
  • Tan with two lengthwise on the area behind the head
  • The most common species encountered in structures
  • Often occur in large numbers



american cockroach pictureAmerican Cockroach

  • Largest of the common cockroaches; about 1 1/2 inches long
  • Reddish brown with the margins of the thorax lighter
  • May live outdoors in warmer areas
  • Prefer moist dark areas
  • Have fully developed wings and can glide long distances

smokybrown cockroach

Smokeybrown Cockroach

  • Adults are 1 inches long
  • Uniform dark brown in color
  • May live out oors in warmer months and move indoors when cool
  • May be found throughout the structure Fully developed wings, strong flyer
  • Large egg case
  • Attracted to light

brown-banded cockroach

Brown-Banded Cockroach

  • Adults are 1/2 inch long
  • Brown with lighter bands açross thee base of the wings and abdomen
  • May be found throughout the structure
  • Glues egg case to objects such as furniture



oriental cockroachOriental Cockroach

  • Adults are 1 inch long
  • Very dark brown to black in color Adult female has only wing pads
  • Adult male has wings that cover 3/4   of the abdomen
  • Found in damp places such as basements and sewer lines